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Disc-Go-Devil XL pack

Disc-Go-Devil XL pack
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Consumables pack for Disc-Go-Devil disc repair machine.

Your machine depends on fresh consumables to continue to perform at a high standard. The necessary time to change the consumables depends on the machine model.

Contains all you need for around 600 repairs!

The Disc-Go-Devil XL consumables pack contains everything you need for 1600 minutes of disc repair (around 600 discs). The polish holds a grinding agent in suspension, which gradually wears down during the repair. After 4x400 minutes of usage, it is no longer effective and requires replacing. It is important to thoroughly shake the polish before each day's usage to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The XL Consumables Pack is the equivalent of 4 standard packs for the Devil contained in one economical pack. The XL pack contains a 2 litre polish bottle that needs to be decanted into a standard 500ml bottle 4 times.

XL Pack contains:
* 1 x 2ltr Bottle of polish
* 4 x Set of 2 pads
* 1 x 200ml CD Spray
* 4 x Cleaning cloths
* Instructions for use.
(500ml bottle not included)

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